Reflective Lanyards (LE1)

Our reflective lanyards are suitable for night use. The artwork is screen printed onto a reflective layer, which is carefully attached to a flat polyester base.

(Min. order of 500.)

Woven Applique Lanyards (LE2)

These applique lanyards are built to last. The artwork is woven into a high definition polyester layer; this is then stitched carefully onto a flat polyester base for a premium finish.

(Min. order of 500.)

Denim Lanyards (LE4)

These stylish denim lanyards are perfect for your staff to wear at events or in stores. Print your company logo on our denim lanyards and gain exposure to your brand.

(Min. order of 500.)

Satin Lanyards (LE3)

Our satin lanyards are crafted to draw attention. The artwork is printed skilfully onto a satin layer, which is then stitched carefully to a flat polyester base.

(Min. order of 500.)

Enhance your Premium Lanyard with our lanyard upgrade options.

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Lanyard Factory is one of the best UK premium lanyard suppliers. We are experts in producing high quality lanyards at low prices, offering fantastic value for money. The personalised lanyards and accessories in our collection of premium lanyards are made from top quality materials. They’re designed to last – and make an impact.

We tailor your personalised lanyards around your business needs. You can choose the colour and material of your lanyard, including satin, denim, and reflective fabrics. These are stitched to a polyester base for a durable finish. Print any design onto your lanyard, and accessorise with our range of promotional materials. 

If you’re not sure which lanyard is best for your requirements or budget, get in touch with our team. We’re reliable, professional, and more than happy to guide you through the entire process.

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