When you decide to invest money in customised promotional items – such as promotional lanyards – your aim is to attract and sustain your customer’s attention. If you wish your business to grow, you have to make your brand seen and remembered. This is why thousands of companies opt for producing their own range of promotional lanyards.

Usually, promotional lanyards are customised with a business’ logo, name, or marketing message. There is a wide range of lanyard wholesale suppliers who are more than happy to offer this service and who can help you choose the most suitable type of lanyard.

Polyester lanyards represent a very popular option This is mainly due to the fact that they are cheap, durable, and practical. They usually come in tubular and flat styles and are normally used for security reasons, corporate events or promotions. The flat polyester style offers a larger printing area and allows prominent branding.

Another available type of promotional lanyards is the woven lanyard. Your logo, brand, or message will be woven into the strap instead of printed on it. Apart from giving a very professional look, they are sure to impress your clients.

Your staff should be wearing custom lanyards at work as part of the uniform. In addition, promotional lanyards can be gifted away at events or conferences. Your customers will more than likely keep them for future use. By doing so, custom lanyards will become a useful advertising tool and expose your brand to more people.

In most of the cases, promotional lanyards come with an extensive range of attachments: safety release clips, dog clips etc. Safety release clips are extremely useful if you have to remove the lanyard without causing damage. This becomes very practical when the lanyard is used to carry items such as keys, I.D badges, flash drives, or even mobile phones. Due to their practical nature, lanyards are likely to kept and used by your customers for a long time, thus reminding them of your business, products, and services.

Promotional lanyards that are coloured with your brand, logo, or promotional message represent one of the fastest and most efficient ways to increase your brand awareness and get the word out to the public. In a tough and highly competitive economic climate, getting your potential clients’ attention has become crucial. Since many people make use of lanyards – both at work and outside – opting for custom lanyards as promotional gifts will increase your chances of attracting new clients. This strategy will benefit your business more than any other type of advertising method. And this is mainly due to the fact that wherever your customer wears it, your brand is shown to a much wider audience. And this happens on a consistent basis!