Badge Holder Lanyards

At the Lanyard Factory, you can be sure to find the best value on orders of badge holder lanyards and badge reels! Lanyard badge holders can be ordered as is or customized to suit your company’s needs. Either way, your order will go through a strict quality control process and be shipped to you as quickly as possible. 

Why Choose Lanyard Badge Holders?

Badge holder lanyards and ID card lanyards are an easy way for members of your organization to display their information or to make sure they always have access to secured spaces in your building. They are perfect for employees on the move or students that use an ID card around campus! Customizing these lanyard badge holders can further elevate the sense of community within your organization, promote your business, or improve the identification process. 

Lanyard badges are also great for event passes and tickets! We offer lanyards with PVC passes, gloss laminated cards, and laminated booklets and programs that can be designed for your specific event. 

Available Options For Your Lanyard Badges 

  1. PVC Lanyard Badge Holders from Lanyard Factory come in a variety of sizes and are available in landscape or portrait to meet your organization’s needs! These ID Card Lanyards are clear and great for visibility, while protecting your inserts from rain or spills.
  2. Rigid Closed Face Landscape badge holder lanyards are standard credit card size, but come in a variety of colours. This is a sturdier option that is great for added security of a wearer’s belongings! 
  3. Rigid Open Face Swivel lanyard badges combine the best of the previous two styles! They offer the visibility and easy scanning that comes with the PVC holders with some extra stability of a rigid backing. 
  4. Bespoke Cardholders are the perfect ID card lanyards for making sure your branding or message is featured as prominently as possible or adding some extra style to your event or company-wear. This lanyard style features artwork printed onto PVC style pouches of any colour or size. 

Contact us or call us directly on 020 3290 1775 to order your badge holder lanyards today!

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