It has become obvious that printed lanyards are slowly turning into one of the most efficient advertising strategies. There is no wonder that custom lanyards are frequently chosen by numerous companies across the globe as either promotional giveaways or for in-house use by their employees.

Choosing the ideal logo has become a crucial step in creating the image of a company. If you already have a logo, custom lanyards make the ideal tool to establish a clear bond between the logo and the name of your company. If you don’t have a logo yet, you should definitely consider having one designed before actually ordering your custom lanyards.

Think about the future

The first aspect you should keep in mind is that logos should be efficient, regardless of their size. Thinking in terms of what the future might bring is also very important. At this moment, you might be in need of a logo to print on a custom lanyard. But tomorrow you might need to have the same logo printed on a huge billboard. Keeping this in mind will help you come up with a logo that will look awesome regardless of the size.

Choose colours wisely

Colours should also be chosen carefully. If your business already has a colour scheme, using these colours in the logo sounds like the best alternative. If, on the contrary, you do not have a colour scheme, you need to come up with one. Keep in mind that colours are more important than you think; they have a powerful impact on how people perceive your business. You should choose tones that reflect the image of your company. Let’s consider that your company operates in the landscaping sector. Choosing shades of green over brown, black or grey can make a difference on how your prospective clients perceive your services.

Obtaining the right contrast between the background and the colour of the letters is also very important. If you opt for similar shades, reading the lanyard can become really difficult. It is in your advantage to make sure that the lettering can be easily and clearly read.

Go personal

You have to make sure that your logo is unique. There are a couple of good reasons for it. The first one is that you should avoid infringing any copyright laws. Maybe your company is not large enough to attract the attention of larger firms. But what if your business grows?

The other reason is that your logo should represent your business and products. Your aim is to have people instantly recognize your logo and associate it with your company. If your logo resembles that of some other business, people may not make a distinction between the two.

Logos and lanyards are a great combination that can help you increase awareness about your services and company. However, before you order your custom lanyards, make sure that you have come up with a great logo design, meant to make an impact.