Lanyards are extensively used at concerts and other similar events, at work, in schools, hospitals, and even given out as promotional gifts. We have all seen them holding ID badges and other small objects. But could lanyards end up saving your life? Though they are commonly used as fashion accessories or for security protocol, lanyards have now become a rapid and easy way to reduce hazards when unfortunate events happen. You can swipe your badge and instantly gain access to a building. But you should make sure not to forget or lose it when the fire or earthquake alarm goes off.

Coloured Lanyards

In an emergency situation, the response time is limited. The lives of many innocent can be in danger and only have at your disposal a few seconds to make the difference between a fatal mistake and a safe escape. With the help of lanyards, people can be easily identified and accounted for, especially in those situations where confusion and panic take over. To take this one step further, colour coded lanyards that can help to determine the best exit routes and easily account for the missing members. If, for example, your lanyard is blue, you have to take the blue stairs. If it is green, you have to take the green ones. This way, overcrowding in the stairwell can be prevented. In addition, it encourages groups to stay together and even notice if someone in the group is missing.

Keeping photo IDs or a list of identified illnesses and allergies attached to the lanyards can be extremely helpful when the paramedics or the fire department arrive. This is one of the best ways to ensure a person who is unconscious is being treated correctly. By knowing exactly who that person is, the family and friends can be notified immediately.

Colour coding lanyards will lead the masses to those people who are CPR and First Aid trained and are experts in exit and escape routes.

More safety by using lanyards

Lanyards are able to increase organization and add safety and more security, especially in those situations where fast reactions, time and the appropriate type of help are essential. When natural disasters or even random attacks take place, lanyards can help to prepare and organize people. If you have found yourself in such a situation, you already know that First Aid kits and ID badges and vests worn by those who are trained to help are the first noticeable items when the unexpected happens. With the help of lanyards, this can extend to practically all people who are in desperate need of help, treatment, and safe passages to the pre-established meeting areas. Lanyards can also be used in sporting activities.This little – yet extremely efficient – addition can make a huge difference in times of need, when time and organization play a crucial role.