People make up their mind within 90 seconds of interaction with either people or products. Over 60% of this assessment is based on colours alone. A prudent choice of colours differentiates a logo or product from competitors, influencing moods and feelings positively or negatively. Our emotions and experiences have, in fact, a connection to our perception of colour.

Marketing and colours go hand in hand. Whether it is in advertising, promotion or simply your stationery business products, the choice of colour creates a subconscious perception of your business. Colour is not the most important ingredient, but it is what causes the first impression upon consumers and gives a certain value to lanyards. Understanding its importance is essential when choosing promotional lanyards. It gives businesses an invaluable tool to get the best response to their marketing and promotional efforts, ultimately creating a successful business.

Check out the information on each colour to determine the best choices for your business.


Qualities:  definite, credible, strength, powerful, precise, professional, direct, accuracy

Best for: construction, corporate, oil, financial, fashion, manufacturing, cosmetics, mining, marketing, tradesmen, luxury items


Qualities: natural, organic, youth, nurturing, instructional, education, adventurous, ecological, calming

Best for: medicine, science, government, recruitment, ecological-business, tourism, human resources


Qualities: credibility, calming, clean, focused, medical, professional, judicial, power, business like

Best for: medical, scientific, utilities, government, health care, high-tech, recruitment, tradesmen, legal, information, technology, dental, corporate


Qualities: action, power, energy, speed, desire, lust, strength, courage, stimulating, driven and determined, spontaneous, assertive, confident

Best for: bold initiatives, large corporations, fast food chains, mobile technologies, music industry, education, charity, retail, travel agencies, transport companies

The colours you choose for your lanyards, wristbands or other branded items are the first thing that will grab your customers’ attention. There is no right or wrong colour combination, it is just about choosing something appropriate for the message you want to send and be sure that it will get you the response you are looking for.

If unsure which is the best choice for your business brand, contact one of our specialist and we will assist you in choosing the right tone that will get your message across and increase your brand recognition.