Covid-19 Protection

PROTECT your employees and customers, Lanyard Factory are offering a variety of new products to keep us all safe in our working environment and for our customers. Please get in touch with any queries you may have.

The minimum order is of 250 units.

Face Covering

Covering your face will become the new normal for our everyday lives. Options below allow us to print our logo on a face mask which is washable and reusable. Alternative options are budget disposable mask or high protection face shields.

Kooty Key

The Kooty Key will help you avoid any touching with your hands. This will help reduce the spread of the virus though door handles and ATM machines.


All work places and shops need to be clearly labelled with stickers which help keep our distance. We can print any message that is needed on these latex stickers.

Gloves and Sanitiser

Keep your hands clean, hand sanitiser in any size available. Also offering company logos on the bottles. Lanyards are available with a holder for the Hand Sanitiser to fit on.  Empty bottles are available to fill up with bulk order sanitiser bottles.