Lanyards can be wonderful tools for virtually any type of event or application. Nevertheless, they usually come with so many add-ons and options that it can become difficult to settle for the one that best suits your real needs. In order to make your decision easier, we have prepared some helpful tips that can help you put together the ideal custom-fitting lanyards.


Choose the Appropriate Material and Width

When considering the material type you would like to use, make sure to carefully consider your lanyard application. If you are looking for an easy-to-clean – yet durable – material that can be perfect for outdoor and industrial uses, then you should opt for rubber or a heavy duty material. If you would like a comfortable, breathable and light-weight material for office or conventions use, you should opt for cotton or even woven lanyards. Apart from the material, you usually are in charge of choosing your lanyard’s width as well. However, if you intend to have text or custom artwork included on the lanyard, make sure to opt for wider materials than the standard ones. This way, details will be displayed more clearly when printed.


Ensure that the Fastener Fits the Application

Most lanyards come with both metal and plastic fastener options. Some even come with varied colour finishes. Other fastener features may include dual clips, hook end fasteners, or even detachable and retractable options. Before deciding which fastener to choose, make sure to opt for something sufficiently sturdy to support the item you plan to carry on the lanyard. There is no need to go overboard and make your lanyards unnecessarily heavy.


Adding Length Adjusters, Breakaways, or Quick Releases

If you plan to use your lanyards with children, in medical centres, or around heavy equipment, safety should be your main concern! Including quick release or a breakaway to your lanyards might come in handy and become a valuable addition to the success of your promotional lanyards. Length adjusters can also help secure a lanyard, thus making it much more comfortable to wear and versatile, regardless of the type of wearer. Generally, these add-on options are not very expensive. And, what’s more, they are specially designed to be comfortable and lightweight.


Choose Colours Able to Make a Statement

Bold, bright colours are an excellent way to catch prospective eyes. Colours play a crucial role in the final appearance of a lanyard. Opting for the right colour can be essential if you are looking for a professional-looking design. When you have your lanyards imprinted, make sure to opt for colours mixes that fit pleasantly together.


If you have doubts, request samples!

Once you have managed to narrow your lanyard selection down to just a few potential ones, you can always ask for a sample of each lanyard before ordering. You have to be specific with your colour choices, fasteners, and the add-ons you might like. Though not all companies are able to fully custom match your request, you might get an idea of how the final product will look like before ordering.