If you have ever been in a hospital, then you must have wondered at least once if a person you were seeing in hospital clothing was a simple patient or maybe a hospital employee. From vendors to simple visitors and patients, thousands of people access healthcare facilities every single day. With the increased concern for medical identity theft and security, it has become a matter of vital importance for those working in the healthcare sector to efficiently identify their employees.


Lanyards for employees identification and security

Lanyards are a great way to efficiently identify the employees working in a healthcare facility. Custom lanyards are cords or ribbons that are worn around the neck, more or less like a necklace. The employee badge is attached to the custom lanyard. Many hospitals use colour codes for their lanyards: yellow, for example, for the emergency department or blue for radiology. The ID badge contains a microchip which identifies the employee. However, lanyards are commonly used to hold and secure the employee’s badge. The encoded microchip is vital for security at healthcare facilities. The lanyard’s colour can help identify each department. If, for example, an employee is in the wrong area, he/she would be immediately identified. The microchip in the employee’s ID can track the employee’s activity during work hours.


The breakaway anti-microbial lanyard

The healthcare system makes a recurrent use of breakaway anti-microbial lanyards. If the connecting link is placed under too much pressure, the employee ID will immediately break away from the lanyard it is attached to. Breakaway anti-microbial lanyards become very useful when employees work with large equipment, such as x-ray machines. This way, employees can rest assured that if the lanyard places too much pressure on their necks, it will simply and safely break away. The anti-microbial lanyard features a coat of fine particles that efficiently inhibit the growth of virus and bacteria. This makes breakaway anti-microbial lanyards the perfect tool for healthcare centres.


Custom lanyards for advertising and marketing purposes

Custom lanyards are a great promotional tool for healthcare-related sectors. By simply using a screen printing process, your logo or even the healthcare centre’s name can be easily printed or woven on your custom lanyard. If you are planning to use the screen printing method, make sure to choose cotton or polyester for your lanyards. This will ensure the high quality of the screen printed design.

To sum up, custom lanyards have many functions in the healthcare industry. Nylon lanyards can be used as security tools, thus easily and efficiently identifying the employee and the department he/she works for. Apart from their security and marketing purposes, lanyards can also hold other items, such as a pen or a set of keys.

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