Customized Lanyards

Customized lanyards from Lanyard Factory are perfect for any company or organization’s promotional needs. We use a high quality screen printing technique for every custom printed lanyard so your message or log never rubs, washes or peels off.

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Lanyard Factory offers customized lanyards at the best value in the industry and fast delivery times so you can get your message out there as quickly as possible. It’s also easy to receive a quote on your order by filling out our online form or emailing us with any specific details we need to know about your custom printed lanyards.

Custom Printed Lanyards To Promote Your Business 

Our diverse team is dedicated to creating printed lanyards that bring awareness to your brand and foster loyalty. With a variety of lanyard printing options, you can choose the exact font and style that you feel suits your brand the best. We offer a wide variety of colours and lanyard styles so your customized lanyards are always just how you want them! 

All of our custom printed lanyards go through a strict quality control process so you never have to worry about how your promotional material looks during distribution. Lanyards are the perfect way to engage with your audience during conferences, festivals, and the like since they can be valuable giveaways or prizes while still getting your organization’s name out there.

Lanyard Printing For Companies, Schools, & More

In addition to being the perfect promotional materials, printed lanyards are also great for company employees, school staff and students, and other organizational needs. Customized lanyard printing is available for card and passholder lanyards that are perfect for access cards and ID badges or student IDs while still being able to hold keys and other important things. Help build team loyalty or school spirit with lanyards that create a community. 

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