Lanyards are cords that are usually worn around one’s neck or wrist and are commonly used to carry around ID badges and cards, or security access systems. Put simple, lanyards look like plastic cords or ropes. Whether we are talking about a factory, a corporate office, or a shop floor, lanyards provide the convenience of having ID badges and cards stylishly displayed. In addition, lanyards can also be used to hold and carry around keys, cell phones, or many other small devices, such as USB memory drives or other objects frequently used in educational institutions, offices, or factories. Lanyards are also commonly used as eye glass retainers.

However, depending on your and your business’ actual needs, you may require a specific design or style. Fortunately, there are numerous lanyards exporters, suppliers, wholesalers and manufacturers who are able to perfectly adjust themselves to your requirements. Nevertheless, looking for a manufacturer who offers a wide range of products to choose from should not be your only concern. Product quality and affordable prices should also play a crucial role.

Apart from the already mentioned lanyards uses, designer lanyards can become amazing promotional items. From conferences to commercial trade shows or school outings, custom lanyards provide you with a great opportunity to enhance your brand’s visibility by having your brand or logo imprinted or even woven on the lanyard. If, for example, you are supporting a cause, custom lanyards are the perfect tool for efficiently spreading your message.

If you are looking for a reliable designer lanyard supplier, you should make sure that the respective supplier is not new to the business and that it provides a wide range of lanyards: neck and wrist lanyards, polyester and metal chain lanyards, badge lanyards, TPU, woven lanyards etc. The wider the variety, the more chances to have all your needs met. Lanyards also come in a wide variety of braid patterns and colour combinations. You can opt for colourless, woven, printed, or stretchable lanyards. Or you can order your own custom designer lanyards. Environment-friendly lanyards (i.e. absolutely toxic free, non-allergic to skin and bio-disintegrative) are also a valid option.

Despite the wide range of available lanyards, if you are not able to find what you need, do not get discouraged. There will always be manufacturers who will do their best to supply exactly what you are looking for. As a matter of fact, lanyard manufacturers only need to know your design specification and material choice to deliver the custom lanyard you have been craving for. When produced by a skilled manufacturer, lanyards become more than flat plastic strings meant to help you carry things. They become decorative branded items, ideal for showing off at exhibitions, conferences, trade shows, and other types of events.

Despite the large number of available custom neck lanyard suppliers and manufacturers, very few of them actually use the latest machinery, state of the art technology, or put at your disposal skilled personnel. So, if you are looking for a lanyard supplier or manufacturer, make sure you choose a well-established professional.