Staying in touch with our corporate roots.

The Lanyard Factory is proud to be in Hoxton – flip flops, outrageous t-shirts, the very occasional picnic lunch at WIFI-ed Hoxton Square, the pleasure of witnessing the random artist furiously sketching away in one of our local cafes – in short, we believe through some sort of diffusion, us being in Hoxton makes US trendy/creative.

However, once in a while, we experience what we termed “the corporate pang”. We miss the tall buildings, the brisk walking (people at Liverpool Street tube generally walk faster than those at Old Street tube for example), the power suits and the heels (both wearing and hearing them).

Hence the birth of “Dress Up Mondays”. The idea is simple – come Monday, we will dig out our proper work clothes and sun them by finally wearing them! Heels/proper leather shoes put a spring in our step as we skip to pick up the phone. So do call us on our free phone, especially on Monday! We look good, we feel good and we make good lanyards!

The first Dress Up Monday was a roaring success! We looked uber smart that day and there was not an inch of the usual Monday blues. Even better, we were all decked out in black and white without prior discussion. Nice.