When it comes to custom lanyards with promotional aims, each company is looking for a way to stand out from the crowd and make an impact. Companies are looking for strategies that will not only allow them to get ahead of the competition, but also stay there. And there is no doubt that a colour-rich, sophisticated and brightly designed lanyard will be noticed.

Lanyards suppliers put at your disposal numerous materials and printing techniques. However, if you opt for custom lanyards that are not dyed making use of the latest techniques, there are high chances you are actually buying an inferior product that will not provide the expected results. The dye sublimation printing technique is perfect for any type of company that wants sophisticated and detailed designs and logos printed on their promotional lanyards.

When you decide to invest in a custom lanyard for your business, you may want to be sure that you are buying a high quality product. Not all dye sublimation lanyards are created equally. As a buyer, it’s crucial to know exactly what you are investing in and what exactly makes the difference. Maybe you have never thought of this as significant, but if you are planning to use a custom lanyard as a giveaway that represents your business, you should consider buying the best.

When purchasing lanyards, you will be offered the possibility to choose how your custom lanyards are actually made. After choosing the design and the material, you will need to understand how the dying process works.

The dye sublimation technique is an excellent dying process (if not the best!) and allows you to have intricate pictures printed onto the cloth. The imprinted pictures are made of really small dots of colour. If you are familiar with monitors, then you know that a higher amount of dots per inch means a higher picture resolution. This is a concept that applies each time we dye a picture on any type of material.

Lanyards imprinted using the dye sublimation method offer a higher resolution than those imprinted using other kinds of printing processes. In addition, this technique allows continuous tones. That practically means that the colours in the picture look more natural and not like disjointed dots. The dye sublimation technique has been perfected to the point where a person’s image is faithfully reproduced (with a photographic quality!) onto a piece of material.

Another available printing method is silk screening. Less expensive than the dye sublimation technique, the obtained image is still high quality, but not as sharp as the ones obtained through dye sublimation. If your custom lanyards will use only a few colours or words printed using black ink, then you should opt for more traditional methods, such as silk screening.

Both printing processes have earned their well-deserved place and they both can get your promotional lanyards noticed. So choosing one over the other depends on your preferences and your actual needs.