Eco Friendly Lanyards 

Whether your organization is environmentally focused you are just looking for a way to take some green initiatives in your company, our eco lanyards are the perfect choice. At the Lanyard Factory, we know that bulk orders of lanyards can have a big impact on the environment. That is why we offer the green option; eco friendly lanyards! 

The Impact of Recycled Lanyards

Production of plastic requires oil and is hazardous, but we continue to use 20 times more plastic than we did 50 years ago. Every year, an equivalent of 25.2 billion plastic drinking bottles are thrown away by UK households and make their way to landfills. To slow this down, your organization can be part of the Lanyard Factor’s ‘green option’ commitment to producing recycled plastic lanyards.

Some of the other commitments we make to the environment at the lanyard factory are encouraging email exchanges instead of paper trails and bringing our mugs with us to our local cafes rather than using paper cups. If everyone does a little, we believe the world becomes a much better place! 

Our Eco Lanyards 

Our eco friendly lanyards start with the collection of post-consumer plastic bottles and end with the weaving together of filament yarn. Voila, recycled lanyards! These eco lanyards don’t stop helping the environment there, though. Once you’ve distributed your recycled plastic lanyards to your employees, students, or event attendees, they can be recycled again! 

While we’re sure your customized eco friendly lanyards will be long lasting thanks to our strict quality control process, it’s nice to know that, once they’ve served your organization’s purpose, it’s possible that they will continue to help the environment! 

Contact us or call us directly on 020 3290 1775 to order your recycled lanyards today!

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