Festival Lanyards 

At Lanyard Factory, we know that lanyards have long been the go-to for festival passes and tickets. Event goers want to enjoy the music, food, and whatever else you might be featuring without worrying about where their ticket has gone. 

Festival lanyards also are great for security and admissions as it’s easy to keep an eye on who belongs and who doesn’t when a ticket or pass is constantly on display. Plus, if you are sure to pick cool lanyards that appeal to your demographics, they can serve as souvenirs that keep people talking about your event!

Cool Lanyards That Festival-Goers Will Keep

People want their festival lanyards to be fun and eye-catching. That’s why we offer lanyards that help your event stand out. If you’re looking for funky lanyards that can make your music festival or event stand out, you’ll love our 3-D printing lanyard. 

Just call or email us with your ideas and we will make them pop with our design expertise and variety of colours. We maintain a strict quality control process so that none of the 3-D elements on your festival lanyards rub, peel, or wash off.

Another option for funky lanyards are our glow in the dark lanyards. We have two of these cool lanyard options to choose from, but we are happy to work with you to make your vision exactly what you want! Glow in the dark lanyards are perfect for festivals that go on late into the night and are so unique that your guests will be sure to keep using them! 

Contact us or call us directly on to order your stand-out festival lanyards today!