You may not have been aware of this, but nylon lanyards can be your ideal sporting buddy. No matter what type of outdoor activity you prefer and practice actively, lanyards can be a useful and comfortable companion. Sporting lanyards can virtually fit any type of outdoor activity, no matter how rough it is.

The Fisherman’s Lanyard

Fishermen are famous for carrying around all sorts of gadgets, which they love to keep at hand. A lanyard is the ideal item for carrying around and keeping safe and handy all those gizmos! This is especially useful if you like stream fishing. Instead of going back and forth to the shore, you can carry it all with you using lanyards.

Camping Lanyards

If camping is your favourite holiday activity, lanyards are some of the most versatile pieces of equipment you can find. You can use them to hold and carry practically anything: from flashlights to emergency kits, whistles etc. If you wish, survival kits can be packed with knives, band aids, waterproof matches, water tablets, or fish hooks. Then you simply have to attach it to a lanyard.

The Snow Boarder’s Lanyard

Snowboarding has become more and more popular over the past decades. However, people who like to practice snowboarding often opt for areas that are outside the monitored ski hills. A lanyard can prove to be extremely useful for carrying a water supply, sunscreen, board wax, or even an emergency kit.

Hiking Lanyards

There is no secret for anyone that hiking lovers sometimes opt for venturing into remote areas in search of adventure. If you are thinking about taking such a trip, you can consider using a lanyard to carry your compass or a couple of maps. Or maybe you should even consider attaching a GPS unit to your lanyard as well. These small – yet extremely useful – gadgets will help the emergency personnel to locate you in case of emergency. If you wish, you can use your lanyard to carry a cell phone. Though receiving calls while hiking is not precisely pleasant, if you get into any type of trouble, cell phones are a priceless lifeline.

Skidoo Lanyards

People who like to practice winter sports should make use of lanyards. Just like hikers of snow boarders, Skidoo lovers can use lanyards to carry maps, cell phones, or GPS units. But there are many other items that can easily be attached to a lanyard. Those persons who have spent some time outdoors in cold regions know that your nose will start running the moment you step outside. Lanyards make the perfect place to hold a tissue supply. On the same lanyard you can also carry chap sticks, sunglasses, whistles etc.

No matter what type of sporting activity you practice, a lanyard is a useful and comfortable item you should consider taking with you.