Custom lanyards have been extensively used by thousands of corporations to promote their products and services. They have become a highly efficient marketing tool for small and large businesses alike. This tendency has been increased by the fact that you can practically have them adjusted to any type of budget and needs. Made from woven material or nylon, available in a wide variety of styles, designs and shapes, there is no wonder that custom lanyards have slowly turned into one of the most used giveaways in the corporate world. Unique and stylish, custom printed lanyards are the ideal tool for interacting and engaging with the target audience.

Among their main benefits, we can highlight:

Cost effective

This is one of the most obvious advantages. Custom lanyards are usually less expensive than other types of promotional items. Standard lanyards are made of plastic and they feature a band that can be hung around one’s neck. If ordered in bulk, they are really cheap. Once you have them, all you have to do is print cards with your employees’ or visitors’ names on it and then attach them to the lanyard. It is a useful and easy way to communicate at the workplace.

Enhanced brand exposure

Custom lanyards can achieve more than simply hold our identifications and name tags. They can also be an efficient marketing tool. Have your company name or logo imprinted on them and you will significantly increase your brand visibility! These incredible promotional items can be used at conferences, seminars, trade shows, group meetings etc. Custom lanyards can be gifted to prospective customers, thus becoming long lasting reminders of your products or services.

Convenient and comfortable

Custom lanyards offer numerous benefits to their wearers. They are ideal for carrying ID cards or keys, thus keeping them readily available and safe. Since they are worn around one’s neck, hands are always free for other important duties.

They can be customised and adapted to meet all your needs

If you wish to customise your lanyards, make sure to choose a colour that clearly reflects your business. Sometimes, striking colours can have a powerful visual impact, making your brand stand out among hundreds of visitors. Due to the durability and longevity of this material, most lanyards are made of nylon. However, polyester, dye-sublimated and woven lanyards are also available. All of them can be easily personalised for a specific person, or can be printed with your company name, logo, theme or other type of information you want to have printed on the cord.


Those of you who have worn a lanyard know how useful it can be. For example, you can choose between various attachments and hooks that will allow you to carry around pouches, USB memory sticks, badges, and even mobile phones. When attending charity races, conferences, or sports competition, identifying people – such as first aid persons or referees – becomes really easy.

Custom lanyards are a versatile and useful item for businesses, allowing them to efficiently advertise their brand.