Lanyards are versatile cords that can be utilized to carry around all types of small items. However, most people are unaware that there is a wide variety of ways lanyards can be worn. One of the most common ways of wearing lanyards is around a person’s neck. These basic cords are meant to form a complete circle and to be put on over the person’s head.

However, there are various types of lanyards. The double ended type is an open cord that does not form a circle. This particular cord will only stay in place if “attached” to another object. For example, this type of lanyards is frequently used to carry around glasses. If we attach the arms of the glasses to a different end of the lanyard, the circle will be completed.

Another way to complete the circle is by attaching the two ends of the cord to one another. This can be done by using various types of clasps. Lanyards can be worn around someone’s wrist as well. These lanyards are commonly made of spring cable. Due to the fact that they are stretchy and extremely elastic, they are often used for land line based phones. This type of lanyards is ideal for this application as users can easily slide them over their hands.

Lanyards can also be attached to varied pieces of clothing. For example, people who do not want to risk having their wallets stolen or misplaced, often use lanyards this way. What they do is slide the cord through belt loops and then they simply attach their wallet to the cord. After doing so, the wallet can be safely placed into a pocket. This is a very efficient method for the wearer to eliminate the risk of having the wallet stolen or lost without his/her knowledge.

Persons in the military forces frequently use this procedure when they want to secure a side-arm. What they do is loop the cord around a scabbard or holster and then they directly attach the lanyard to the weapon. By doing so, they make sure that the weapon is not dropped or lost during an altercation or other similar events. Construction workers utilize the same system. The only difference is that they attach the cord the safety harness or to their hard hats. This way they make sure that the hat does not fall.

Shoulder lanyards are normally more decorative than functional. Many organizations and groups use cords to reflect various achievements. The very colour of the lanyard itself frequently represents the level obtained by its wearer. For example, certain groups could use yellow shoulder cords to indicate the initial level and blue cords for level two.

These are just some of the most common ways lanyards are worn today. But there are many others.