The strap of nylon lanyards is made of nylon. Invented in 1935 by an American company (Du Pont), nylon is a synthetic material which is primarily used in the production of fibres. Nylon is elastic, durable, lightweight, waterproof, wear-resistant, and it is resistant to numerous chemicals (with the exception of acids). Nylon lanyards are extremely popular, mainly due to their low cost and durability. These handy items are available on the market in a wide range of colours and designs.

Nylon lanyards are available in virtually any colour: from bright neon (green, pink, yellow, orange) to subtle camouflage (forest green, desert), or regular colours (blue, black, red, white etc.). These amazing items can be perfectly matched with any type of outfit or can be used to contrast with it. For example, if you are looking for nylon lanyards for a sports event, choosing contrasting colours might be a good idea, as they would help people stand out (especially during night time activities). If you intend to use the nylon lanyard as a gift for a hunter, choosing subtle camouflage colours is definitely a great idea.

Apart from colour, designer lanyards can come with varied fun prints on the strap as well. For example, flowers, art styles (retro, geometric, abstract etc.), smile faces, animal prints, and much more. If you are looking for a lanyard for yourself or you intend to gift it to someone else, all you have to do is pick a print that matches the person’s personality and tastes. Nylon lanyards can be customized as well – you can opt for solid-colour straps and have them imprinted with an image, a phrase, or a logo. Though you cannot have a photograph imprinted onto a nylon lanyard, you can definitely opt for fun and simple images or texts.

These budget friendly items are commonly used for marketing and advertising purposes. Having a company slogan or logo imprinted on the nylon strap is very easy and highly efficient. In addition, straps can also match the colours of the respective company. For example, soft pink straps are a great option for companies that operate in the jewellery, dating and romance, or makeup fields. If a company wants its products to stand out from the crowd, opting for bold red straps is a great way to achieve that purpose. Classic nylon straps (black, silver, or white) fit any type of company.

There is a wide array of promotional gifts companies can choose from: mugs, pens, USB memory drives, caps, mouse pads, or calendars. However, lanyards are beyond any doubt one of the best available options, especially since they are worn on one of the most visible parts of the body: people’s chests. And this is what makes them a more efficient promotional item than mugs, calendars, or mouse pads.

Nylon lanyards can be easily purchased online. There are numerous websites that provide ample galleries with pictures of each product and its exact specifications (e.g. usability features or recommended accessories). For bulk purchases, the discount rate can sometimes reach 50 percent.