No matter which product you think about, the undeniable and unstoppable advancement of technology had as a result a wide variety of the respective item. Put differently, the technological evolution provides us with multiple varieties of virtually everything. And there is no doubt that this statement can be easily applied to lanyards as well. There is a wide variety of lanyards currently available on the market. If you are wondering why, try to think of the numerous benefits this simple device offers to people. Nevertheless, different types of lanyards come with different characteristics and qualities. Below you can find a brief analysis of some of the most common lanyards.

Functional lanyards

This type of lanyards is extremely easy to find. Despite the wide range of available options, they have a functional role in the modern society. Put simple, the main purpose of these lanyards is to help people carry around varied important belongings, such as ID cards, cell phones, USB memory drives, cameras, badges, whistles and the list can go on. The prices of functional lanyards can vary considerably. The customization process usually makes the difference between the budget friendly and the expensive ones.

Stylish, modern lanyards

Now we are talking about lanyards that people buy for the sake of fashion and style. Beaded lanyards definitely fall under this category. And that’s mainly because their main purpose is looks. The looks factor has become so important that this type of lanyards is often made from expensive materials such as pearls, topaz, jade, or other similar semi-precious materials. Beaded lanyards have become a great accessory for high end electronic gadgets, such as cameras or USB flash drives.

Traditional military lanyards

Maybe some people don’t know, but lanyards owe their origins to the military. Their initial function was to prevent naval officers from losing important equipment such as pistols, or whistles. Military lanyards are so rare that military enthusiasts and collectors pay a lot of money to own them.

Woven lanyards

Woven lanyards are – to some extent – perceived as cultural representations of the old days or even faraway places. And it is precisely because of this aspect that woven lanyards are so coveted and desired. Sophisticated and at the same time functional, woven lanyards are especially attractive to virtually everybody.

While collectors find it enriching and educational to track down and own traditional military or classical woven lanyards, for the modern man there is nothing more valuable than a functional lanyard. There is no wonder that corporate firms have discovered the enormous promotional potential of these little treasures to print their ideal logo and message and are now using them to enhance their brand awareness and attract potential new clients.