Other than helping your lanyard stand out, having a suitable upgrade can make the lanyard uniquely yours and enhance its utility value, hence prolonging its stay around your target client’s neck!

UPGRADE 1: The Green Option

The Green Option gives you the option to use lanyards made from the 69 million drinking bottles we throw out without thinking everyday! What’s more, these recycled lanyards are recyclable as well. So take this option up if you want to be Green.

UPGRADE 2: Fittings

Metal Crocodile Clip

Bottle Opener

Bottle Opener Hook

Metal Release Buckle

Plastic Release Buckle

Simple Metal Hook

Solar Tag

Plastic Whistle

USB Buckle

Metal Whistle

Mobile Pouch

Black Plastic Hook

Bottle Holder

Oval Metal Hook

White Plastic Hook

Split Ring

Luxury Metal Ring

Carabiner Hook

Black Clip

Large Oval Metal Hook

Printed Release Buckle

Sturdy Metal Hook

Phone Strap

Engraved Release Buckle