If you have been looking for tips on how you can use custom lanyards to promote your business at trade shows, seminars, conferences, and other similar events, look no further. The aim of this article is to provide you with some useful ideas on how to make the most of your custom lanyards.

  1. One of the most efficient ways is to contact the organizers of the respective event and offer to help them with the security system. For example, colour coded lanyards that feature your logo, name, or promotional message on the cords can be used for identification purposes. You can, for example, provide a different colour for each group of participants: blue could be used to identify guests, red for the security staff, and green for sellers.
  2. Another strategy would be for you to get your own booth at the event. You could distribute your own custom dye sublimation lanyards and hand them out to any person that you consider would benefit your business. However, if you really want to make each custom lanyard you gift away count, take the time to speak to your loyal and prospective clients and evaluate their real interest and degree of satisfaction with your company and services.
  3. Of course, apart from getting your own booth, you can always approach other sellers and find out if they are interested in distributing your promotional lanyards from their booth as well. You might be surprised to find out that many businesses will be more than happy to do it for you, mainly because free items always attract people. However, if you decide to do this, make sure not to recruit a business that operates in the same or very similar sector as your own. Since you are ‘the competition’, they are unlikely to help you out.
  4. If you can’t afford renting your own booth, you can always give it a try and ask organizers if they would allow you to hand out free custom lanyards to each participant at the event. By using this strategy, you could simply stay by the entrance and offer your giveaways to all the participants.
  5. Since you are handing out your promotional custom lanyards, maybe you should consider attaching your business cards to them as well. Alternatively, you could also include a USB memory drive containing vital promotional information (e.g. brochures, catalogues, presentations etc.) on your business.

No matter which strategy you decide to use, keep in mind that you should offer a great lanyard that clearly reflects your business. The cord you are offering to the attendants must have your logo, name, or promotional message printed on it. Including your contact information (such as your e-mail, website, phone number, or your blog) might also prove to be beneficial.

And always remember that custom lanyards are among the best promotional items on the market. And trade shows or conventions are the most suitable places to have them handed out.