Promotional giveaways are extensively used by those businesses that want to enhance brand awareness and establish their market presence. Numerous studies have shown that, unlike other advertising strategies, the recall rate of a specific brand is significantly higher when it is seen on promotional products that are used by their receivers on a daily basis. Among these products we can enumerate simple promotional key-rings, sophisticated mobile phone holders, pouches, eye-catching custom lanyards, or branded USB memory drives.

Since there are so many available options, how can one choose the right items for the business? Here are some tips that can help you opt for the ideal giveaway.

Consider your target audience

Similar to buying birthday presents, the best way to opt for the right promotional item is by carefully considering the preferences and needs of your target audience. If you do a research and you find out which are their preferences and interests, you will find it easier to decide what they need or want. If, for example, you are targeting fishing enthusiasts, gifting them a branded bag or a pen is not a bright idea. Instead, opt for a custom lanyard that will allow them to carry around all their fishing gadgets.

Opt for items that are not only useful and versatile, but also trendy

The main goal of marketing campaigns is exposure. And there is no better way to reach this goal than to opt for promotional giveaways that are very useful and easy to display. Opting for items that are likely to be used regularly and for a long period of time is the best decision you can make. If the selected promotional product is attention-grabbing as well, there is no doubt that your marketing campaign will be a huge success. Examples of such items are custom lanyards, wristbands, USB memory drives, and pens.

Make sure to customise your giveaways

Whether you intend to enhance brand awareness or whether you are trying to introduce your new business to the market, choosing efficient promotional items is a key factor. If you aim for brand recognition, then you should opt for promotional items that can spark curiosity. Don’t forget to have them printed with your business name, contact details, or logo.  You should also keep in mind that the more your promotional giveaway is used by its receivers, the more exposure your business will get. Since they are worn around one’s neck and serve for carrying around small objects, stylish custom lanyards might be the solution you are looking for.

Opt for high quality promotional items

Cheap products can help you save some money, but they usually end up in the recycle bin. And, what’s even worse, is that some people will perceive it as a clear reflection of your services and products. In exchange, high quality products last longer. And this automatically means that they will be used longer, thus enhancing your brand exposure. Quality promotional products will make your clients understand that your business values quality.