“Lanyard” is derived from the French word lanière in the 14th century, meaning “strap”.

When we first started Lanyard Factory, everyone we met was saying, “What factory again?”

For the uninitiated, a lanyard is indeed the string you hang around the neck at conferences, in offices, at hospitals, in schools, at festivals and even parties. However, as with most essentials in life, the lanyard has often gone unnoticed.

The most common material used to produce lanyards is polyester. Nylon can also be used to manufacture lanyards, and it produces a smoother and shinier finish. However, as nylon is more expensive than polyester,the nylon lanyards are less popular. Also, if not treated well, a nylon lanyard can be too stiff and uncomfortable.

The customised lanyard has huge potential – it can advertise your business and promote your products and services according to your corporate ethos. For example, if you want something professional looking, we will recommend something fuss free – a double layered printed lanyard with your corporate logo. If you are looking to host a cabaret-themed party, we have lanyards that resemble feather boas even! So, a lanyard is MORE than a simple neck strap that you attach your ID card, keys and phone to.

We have great fun brainstorming what suits your needs best. So call us when you want something special!