Available Upgrades

Our lanyards are available with a range of upgrades, so you can enhance their look and functionality. It’s a great way to customise your lanyards so they’re uniquely yours, as well as making them even more practical for your staff, clients, or guests.

UPGRADE 1: Eco Friendly Lanyard Option

The eco-friendly lanyard option (also known as our green option) gives you the chance to use lanyards made from the 69 million drinking bottles that are thrown away every day. What’s more, these recycled lanyards are also recyclable – so this is a great option to consider if you’re an environmentally-conscious business.

UPGRADE 2: Fittings

Metal Crocodile Clip
Metal Crocodile Clip
Bottle Opener Hook
Plastic Release Buckle
Simple Metal Hook
Metal Release Buckle
Solar Tag
Plastic Whistle
USB Buckle
Metal Whistle
Mobile Pouch
Black Plastic Hook
Bottle Holder
Oval Metal Hook
White Plastic Hook
Split Ring
Luxury Metal Ring
Carabiner Hook
Black Clip
Large Oval Metal Hook
Printed Release Buckle
Sturdy Metal Hook
Phone Strap
Engraved Release Buckle
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