Our designer lanyards are more than just eye candy – they’re built to last. Each lanyard is constructed using premium materials that ensure durability and longevity. Rest assured that your lanyards will maintain its impeccable appearance, even through daily wear and tear.

Our designer lanyard collection allows you to get creative with your lanyards, creating custom products that work for you.

The Best Designer Lanyards

With our designer lanyards, you don’t have to compromise on functionality. Our lanyards come with secure and convenient attachments that keep your ID badges, keys, or access cards safe and easily accessible. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having your essentials within reach at all times. Upgrade your corporate image with designer lanyards that convey professionalism and attention to detail. Whether you’re attending conferences, meetings, or networking events, our lanyards effortlessly enhance your overall appearance while keeping your credentials within reach.

Lanyard Factory has created lanyards to be used as party invites, promotional gifts, and more. If you’re looking for a custom-made, unique lanyard that truly represents you, we can create it. Just send us your artwork, tell us what you have in mind, and leave it in our artistic hands to create a customised lanyards that’s perfect for your special event or business.

Designer Lanyards

Bespoke Lanyards

These bespoke designer lanyards can take a little more time to create.

Time Effective

Please give us as much notice as possible when requesting custom-made lanyards.


Min. order of 500

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Which materials can lanyards be made of?


Lanyards are made from a variety of materials that are generally braided or woven, and can include leather, cord, rope, satin, polyester, nylon or silk.

Modern style lanyards have become very popular, and are commonly used to hold electronic items, keys or identification cards, around one’s neck.

The designers at Lanyard Factory love a good challenge. So if you are looking for special lanyards and have a brilliant idea in mind, please reach out to us. Lanyards aren’t just plain lanyards that carry keys or id badges. They can also be arty necklaces, bracelets, bottle openers, bottle holders or whistles. When you choose our lanyards, you opt for quality that is apparent at first sight. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, every lanyard is a testament to high quality and style, promising not just a product, but an experience.

Explore our wide choice of customisable lanyards from designer lanyards and dye sublimation lanyards to rope and small lanyards. Lanyard Factory are the best lanyard makers in the UK.

Order now and embrace the blend of style and personal touch with lanyards that are as unique as your brand!

Our lanyards are available with a range of upgrades, so you can enhance their look and functionality


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