Here at Lanyard Factory, we take extra effort to make sure every step in creating your promotional lanyard is executed well. Having gone through many trials and errors, we have learnt how to avoid making the mistakes others normally do. So what makes a good lanyard that promotes you effectively? It boils down to these few essentials:


This is the essence of the lanyard. A different material or even a different thread count of the same material, will affect the overall feel and look of the lanyard. Whatever material it is, it is important that the lanyard strap is webbed well and tight enough to ensure it does not come loose. Sometimes in order to save on yarn (i.e. cost), the thickness is compromised, resulting in a limp lanyard that does not sit well. A white lanyard which is too thin is unsuitable for double sided printing as it may be translucent. It is important to note that different imprint methods require different thread counts to achieve optimal results for your promotional lanyards.


Lanyard Factory offers a range of imprint methods for your promotional lanyards – Screen print, Dye Sublimation and Weaving. The most suitable method for your artwork depends on its complexity and also on your budget. A good screen print is a result of more than a single layer of printing, without excess glue around the artwork. For Dye Sublimation, the resolution of the artwork is of paramount importance to have a clear, defined print. For woven lanyards, they are suitable for simpler artworks and it is suggested that if the artwork has more than 1 colour, it is better to have an appliqué as the flipside of the lanyard will be rather messy.


Lanyard fittings and accessories affect the utility value of the lanyard. At Lanyard Factory, we only provide lanyard accessories that are manufactured by specialists in that particular product, ensuring the highest quality. Most fittings are attached to the lanyard by stitching, therefore, Lanyard Factory insists that the stitching be lasting and that the artworks are not stitched upon.


This last aspect has often been overlooked by our competitors. Bad packing will ruin the promotional lanyards as they end up being creased and crumpled. To ensure that your promotional lanyards arrive at your doorstep in the most pristine form, Lanyard Factory has developed a special method of packing and invests in good quality packaging materials.

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