How to
Order your lanyards

Ordering your lanyards is made easy and simple with Lanyard Factory UK. Just follow the steps below and we will make sure your lanyards are delivered to you as quickly as possible.

How to order your lanyards

Step 1 Complete our Quick Quote form

In line with the Lanyard Factory Green Committments, please send us your formal approvals via emails. Attach the form in which you agree to, and explicitly state in that email your consent. It’s that simple! No scanning, no faxing, no paper trails!

Step 2: Email your Artwork
Step 3: Receive a Quote & Mock Up

Email your artwork to or let us know what you are looking for and we will help you with the design. You can also call us if you have any questions on 020 3290 1775.

After receiving the Quick quote form and art work we will send you a quote and a mock up of the artwork.

Step 4: Receive & approve the order
Step 5: Receive Order Acknowledgement

If you are happy with the quote and want to proceed with your order, approve the order form for us to start preparing your lanards order.

After receiving the approved orderform, we will send you an acknowledgement of the order.

Step 6: Receive the Invoice and pay us (Thank You)
Step 7: Receive your carefully crafted, custom made Lanyards.

We send you our invoice for the order.

Receive your high quality lanyards, badges or reeels.

Are you looking for a way to enhance your company’s brand and professionalism? 

Our custom lanyards are the perfect accessory for any business or corporate event. With a wide range of colours and materials to choose from, you can create a custom lanyard that perfectly matches your company’s brand and style. And with the option of a lanyard card holder, you can make it easy for your employees to keep their ID cards and access passes easily accessible.

Our printed lanyards are also a great way to showcase your company’s logo or message. With high-quality printing technology, your design will be clear and eye-catching, making a lasting impression on everyone who sees it. Plus, with the option to print on one or both sides of the lanyard, you can maximise your branding potential.

Personalised lanyards are not only a great way to enhance your company’s branding, but they also add a touch of professionalism to your employees’ appearance. They provide a sense of unity and belonging among your team, making them feel valued and appreciated. Lanyards can also be a part of your business’ safety plan.

So why settle for plain, boring lanyards when you can create a customised design that perfectly represents your company? Contact us today to learn more about our custom lanyards and take the first step towards enhancing your company’s brand and professionalism!

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