Recycled Layards – The Green Option

The Green Option gives you the option to use lanyards made from the 69 million drinking bottles we throw out without thinking everyday! What’s more, these recycled lanyards are recyclable as well. So take this option up if you want to be Green.

We also provide bespoke pads that are made from recycled paper.

The Non Green Facts:

  1. An equivalent of 25.2 billion bottles are thrown away every year by UK households.
  2. We now use and produce 20 times more plastic than 50 years ago.
  3. Production of plastic requires oil and is hazardous.

What we do is tiny, but we believe that if everyone does a little, the world will become a much better place. Lanyard Factory’s Green Commitment below:

  1. Manufacturing recycled lanyards made from recycled plastic drinking bottles.
  2. Creating lanyards that your client will reuse.
  3. Encouraging email exchanges instead of paper trails.
  4. Bringing mugs to our local cafes instead of using paper cups.

To know the rest of our commitments, please click here.

We received our order today! We are very very pleased with them, thank you for your wonderful customer service, and the gift always useful in a school.
Moria, The Bridge Academy